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Unknown Inspirations

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

“Some of the inspirations do want to merge into unknown.”

Photos taken by @oldsoulview instagram account (Neris Dipsov).🌿

There were thousands of doors to the unknown curtains of life. When the Sage didn’t sit at our table, we would feel fearful, and we would have stormy arguments about which direction would be less dangerous. The Romantics among us used to see beauty in all doors. Although we seemed to believe that Logicians would make fewer mistakes, we would sense from their indecisiveness that they also did not know anything. While Poets made poetry out of the situation and Philosophers gave advice, states were established and states were destroyed. Still, there were doors that we couldn't pass our bodies standing in front of the unknown. We asked some of them to come in, the sights of those doors as if hinting at the beauty of the roads they promised when they opened. When a few bodies fled frightened into the unknown, we would leave our minds at the gates and go in other directions. However, Sage would say that the uncorrupted is found when entering through the inner door and adding: “You find life not at the destination, but on the way.” Sometimes we knocked on the inner door when some of our troubles brought fog clouds or when it snowed on our summit chests and we couldn't see in front of us. That inner door, which does not open every time we want, would sometimes make us wait because it was not very zealous to get out. One of the things we learned while we waited was: “Old advice doesn't always work”.The Sage gave this advice: “You can‘t use the sparkle you get from there every time the door is opened. You can't wear a dress everywhere all the time, did you need a coat in the summer? Every moment is new”. “Is this the wisdom of the unknown, that is, one cannot walk with the known?” asked the Philosophers to the Sage. “The unknown is the presence of an inspiration, it takes shape on the way,” the Sage replied to the Philosophers. When romance grew up, the unknown wanted to meet with inspiration. While the Romantics among us were arguing with the Logicians, they threw a line at the Poet: “Some inspirations want to unite with the unknown. Put your foot on the road. Inspiration takes you”. A door opened to a road, and the unknown of the endless sea merged with the inspirations of our souls. Intuitionists sensed how feeble the fear that enlarged our bodies, they were the first to take the Sage seriously. Along with the Intuitionists, Sage overthrew the known. At that time, as in a sentence from Jung, the bird of the soul was witnessed to fly. Some doors merge with our intuition, while some inspirations merge with some unknown.

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright 2021© All rights reserved.

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