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The Cloud and His Shadow

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

“Where we dare to look into the shadows, the hope of sky grows.” @oldsoulview

Photo taken By @oldsoulview (Neris Dipsov) instagram account.

A cloud was seen weeping, seeking the depths where sky pearls were gathered. At that time, the birds thought that the sun would come and console him. What made the birds laugh was that the shadows formed where the cloud gathered water resembled pearls. One of the pigeons laughed that the pearls must be dressed in black. Moreover, many of the shadows looked as if they were mocking. Ultimately, the pigeons decided that the pearls had disappeared into the mocking shadows. Cloud had pushed his poignant nightmare into the shadows, tired of chasing pearls with his weight. The shadows were getting bigger. The cloud was slowing down, the sky was getting dark, and the pearls were like a distant future. The heart of the cloud was saying that you would explode, it couldn't carry that much water. Every drop he couldn't explode turned into pearly shadows in the sky. Eventually, those shadows became so numerous that even the birds fled from them to their shelters. The sun was like a distant dream. The sun and pearls mingled with the dense dreams of the cloud. As the burden of the cloud grew heavier, the breath of the dark breath began to be heard more. According to the math of the sky, pearls were impossible to find, as the increased humidity left everything breathless. As Cloud heard the breath of the darkness, he realized that it was too full for him to escape. He had no time, no mood, no joy to run to his pearls. Fearing the magic and mockery of the shadows, the shadows grew larger as the weight of the water he carried weighed heavily. The cloud could not move from the pearly dark shadows that surrounded it. So he accepted them and tears began to spill over the earth. Every tear of cloud poured pearls from under the shadows in the sky.

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright©2021 All rights reserved.

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