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Grapes, Wines, Paths

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

“Grapes of the time, some are not to turn into wine” @oldsoulview

Photo taken By @oldsoulview (Neris Dipsov) instagram account.

In the grape times of life, the little girl turns on her magic lamp and waits for the wine boats coming from the shore. Winemaking was hard work, the girl was impatient, and the grapes were delicate. The possibility of the boats not coming and the absence of grapes was jumping into the anxiety pool together, while the girl's lamp went off and turned on again. Possibilities affected the magic of hope, and if there was no magic of hope, the lamp would not work either. While the boats came according to the time of the grapes, all the dream spells for winemaking were gathered at the place where the girl lived. If a man ever found to make wine that would be enchanted by my grapes, he did it with the power of dreams, while Life was said to have blown its wind onto the grapes that left the shore in wine boats. The girl's relationship with dreams was like her relationship with possibilities. While she was afraid that they too would turn off the Lamp, she knew that if she was deprived of their power, no wine would be made. Whenever the magic of hope diminished, she would go to the vineyard and seek help from the power of dreams. One day, when she was sitting at the top of her heart, the beautiful mountain told her that sometimes boats might not come. The girl asked the mountain if this was a possibility. The mountain did not answer her question that day. Indeed, the boats did not come in the time of grapes. The magic lamp of the girl sitting in the vineyard watching her grapes has gone out. One of the grapes whispered to her that ‘maybe my way is not to be wine’. The girl ignored the whisper and continued to wait on the shore. The wind, which had brought the boats before, blew cold on the girl, the girl was cold. She thought that her vineyard was worthless and that nobody loved her grapes anymore. She became cold as she waited, and became colder and colder inside. Although she did not notice, she realized that her magic lamp warmed her and that she was no longer able to heat because it went out. Life dragged her to her hut at the top of her heart. She shed hot tears on the hill where she went cold. Then she felt that she was warming again. She discovered that a warmth mixed with sadness wrapped her back, spread over her chest and warmed her. She heard the sound of the mountain, which had been silent for a while. The mountain told the girl that you can reinterpret your dreams in the vineyard that fell to your fair share of life's perfect but not perfectionist vineyards. And added that if there is no wine dream, will the value of the grapes decrease in the realm of dreams? The girl understood the value of her grapes with the sincerity of her warmed heart. The mountain said that maybe the boats will come again, some of its grapes will be wine, some are put on the table and some are released in the vineyard. The fate of the grapes, which choose different paths from each other, is common in the vineyard and different in their shining. Did they not sprout from the land of your heart, why not in the assorted lines as that heart beats? Hearing these, the girl harvested her heart right there. Thus, by listening to the voice of her heart, she combined the life knowledge of her heart with the power of dreams. Then she blessed the grapes, wines, and paths.

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright©2021 All rights reserved.

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