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Golden Seeds

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

“Here inner sun comes, collect the golden land seeds.”

Photos taken by @oldsoulview instagram account (Neris Dipsov).🌿

The yellowed world found the miracles of sadness strange. When I dipped my hand into the bowl of joy, while we were looking for something non-artificial, we would also encounter strange ones. I've seen a lot of gazes rising to the sky. I felt many tears not flowing from the fountains. I just wanted to collect the smile of the sun that illuminates the yellowed worlds, sowing sadness and joy together. There, I may have left some miracles waiting for the sunflower I was looking at. Maybe that's why that flower gives hope to people, even when its neck is bent. Bending down and not looking at the sun, there is hope in its sadness, and yet it is the flower of joy, not sadness. A candle burning inside would not be extinguished by the wind of the storm outside. The sun sowed yellow joy and yellow sadness in it. When I asked, she whispered to me that they both gave me the same warmth. According to some, the fire of joy burns for a shorter time, we still believed that a little bit. Luckily, there were natural joys that bloomed from the fields of gold. I stripped away my sadness from despair and threw it into those golden places. I make the flowers bloom with the equally distant and careless wisdom of the sun, a sun that does not wither me from within. And they see the openings of our joys that are alike but never the same. Nobody promises us anything if you hear what is not said. Miracles of the burning yellowed world are happening from within. We scrape the artificiality without having a kind of necessity feeling. I am you and I am not you. Gather the cultivated seeds of the golden field, now.

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright 2022© All rights reserved.

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