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Conversations with the Philosopher

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

“Sometimes you can bloom from where you didn’t expect.”@oldsoulview

Photo taken By @oldsoulview (Neris Dipsov) instagram account.

Soul had some hours of gloriousness, at that time he would retreat to his corner to reflect on matters that still seem deep to someone. When the thought started, the characters would also enter the game. The Philosopher and the Sage would initiate the conversation in the deep places of contemplation.

The same thing happened that night. The philosopher came and asked Sage: “How can we distinguish between the needs of the actor and the needs of the soul?”

“It is a good question. First, we must understand the importance of reasoning in the problem. We should be able to clearly distinguish between the needs of the soul and the needs of the actor. The one who watches the stories with my eyes may feel this” Sage replied.

The Self spoke in the name of the soul, his voice did not seem to be deluded by a person within himself and “I felt it but I'm not sure. It seemed to me that the actor's need was about their role but the soul is likely about the liberation from the stories,” said to Sage.

“There is ingenuity,” said and continued: “He looks for what he can add to the role of the actor, better costumes, better lines, better scenes… The actor’s ‘more’ is not over, because for him it functions as important for the role of the few and the multitude” Sage replied.

“Why is that?” the Self asked.

“There is no actor actually, never been, so he lives in poverty. His absence is always incomplete,” Sage said.

Philosopher asked: “If the needs come out of nothing, the actor; if the needs do not come out of nothing, then is the soul in effect?”

“Partially”; “When we summarize this in this way, we cannot do the reasoning completely. First of all, it is necessary to understand the spirit. The soul is what exists, where there is no absence there is no need for completion. His need arises from being free from the clutches of absence. The soul plays without playing, because it does not hold on to an actor's identity, it becomes the representation of the truth in the story, and that is all it needs, to be present in the story as the representation of the truth, ” Sage replied.

"Then the soul needs to exist by breaking itself out of roles," Self said to Sage.

“Yes,” said Sage and continued: “Development and representation of the truth is also the purpose of the soul in a way. The paradox here is this; since the stories continue with certain roles, the soul both benefits and develops from the experiences in the processes in which the actor plays the role. The metaphor of how the child would learn to stand up if he had never fallen explains this well. However, after a while, the soul must strip the roles so that it is free from the stories as the representation of the truth. The actor, on the other hand, pursues goals on how to play well according to the story paradigms, and these goals determine his needs. Although these goals are determined according to paradigms, the actor transforms them into his personal needs according to the need perception of his role”.

The Philosopher asked: “Isn't that like being able to find your way without losing your way?”

“You cannot find the road without being on the road. The road is found when it is flat, it is the job of scholars to tell the coordinates without walking the road. However, since they do not walk the path, they cannot know the way at all, so the advice of sages is needed, not from scholars. It is in this paradox that it is necessary to get lost in the first place. The one who walks the road with the light of truth from the beginning will not get lost, he will only be on the road.” Sage answered.

“Isn't the way also include getting lost?” Philosopher asked.

Sage replied: “That too is the paradox of the road.”

The soul became silent, and tonight he had listened to the story of flowering and blooming from where he had not expected. That was the paradox of the night.

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright©2021 All rights reserved.

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