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Captain’s Poems

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

“As the captain falls in love with the sea, dreams of moonlight appear.”

Photo taken by @oldsoulview instagram account (Neris Dipsov).🌿

It was known that whenever moonlight fell on a sea, and whenever someone found the night calm, the sail would sail into the unknown. This is an old story, the love of the captain and the sea. Night residents tell moonlight accompanies, this is how the captain prepares for the morning's journey. That Captain, too, had a heart that was hopeless like a child trampling the grass but determined to go his own way. He looked too ridiculous to be the subject of a poem while sailing into the sea. The townspeople used to say that he fed the poems to the seagulls anyway. It used to be like this, in the conversation of retired captains, it was mentioned that enthusiastic young captains were so audacious that they fed the seagulls poetry. That's why we see so many captains whose adventures are over, who are the subject of poems. While the seagulls continued their cries, a Wave, wondering how a seagull could eat a poem, decided to follow the young Captain's boat. The ears of the waves are sharp. As we listen to the waves, they listen to us. When the captain was very impressed by the golden water glimmering in the moonlight, he set out to sea with his boat without waiting for the morning. He wanted neither a fish nor an adventure. For a while, he wanted to be one of the nocturnal inhabitants enchanted by the sea. When the Wave’s sharp ear heard the captain's extraordinary night, Wave pursued the captain. “It’s a long journey...” said the Captain, as he swam through the night waters. His inner voice told him, “The journeys that no shore can see are long.” The Wave got close enough to the boat to witness the Captain's humming conversation with his inner voice. On the captain's neck are the possibilities of what a sharp-eared wave might do to the boat. “I am in love with the sea tonight, and this love exceeds my adventure,” said the Captain in the ear of the Wave. He continued to whisper: “Tonight I fed the seagulls to poetry because the seagulls were fed by a poem from every struggle. Now I feed on my love. I don't know where the shore is, where the boat goes. My heart is in love with the sea, the poems ate the seagulls, you can do whatever you want with the boat”. The Wave melted into the night's silence after the Captain's whispers. A door was opened from the moon, the captain entered through that door with his boat and went away from external sounds and into the bosom of his inner voice. When the captain fell in love with the sea, the moon would open the door from the night. And nobody could eat the poems of our journeys with love. Despite the curious waves, we used to pass through the door of our dreams.

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright 2021© All rights reserved.

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