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Beauty Wall

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

“When the beauties can’t see themselves, remind them.” @oldsoulview

Photo taken by @oldsoulview (Neris Dipsov) instagram

They built a country within the fences of captivity that dazzles without breaking human freedom. The inhabitants of the country were constantly trying to change them. So, the flowers that grow in the land of that country do not find themselves beautiful. They were mixed and enlarged according to the most vivid colours and the most ideally chosen sizes with a little more water every day. Colours began to fade in the lush green fields stretching towards the fences where the rainbows fell. In those colourful fields, some flowers gradually faded and lost their colours. The flowers are starting to darken. The people living in the country began to mourn for the flowers, which they meticulously compared to each other so that they would look neat, attractive, beautiful and lush. Such that a wall began to emerge from the soil because of the sadness of the tears shed in the flower fields. The wall has risen to the sky, completely covering the country's flower fields. The whole country is deprived of the beautiful flower fields and their enchanting scent. Freedom, which now seems to be protected by glamorous captivity, has also become something given to those who leave the country by crossing the wall and away from the hedges of the flower fields. They named the wall the 'Beauty Wall'. Flowers have never remembered their beauty...

By Neris Dipsov

Copyright©2021 All rights reserved.

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